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Sunday, February 17th
Official Destiny ViDoc: Pathways Out of Darkness Trailer Consoles Reddit
Weekly Rock Band DLC releases will be ending April 2 Consoles Reddit
Monday, February 18th
Destiny coming to PS3, 360, “future gen”; no PC yet PS3, 360, PS4, 720 Reddit
CS:GO Map designer issued cease-and-desist notice by STM over Montreal metro map PC, lawsuit Reddit
Bad Company 2 returns with Server & Mod Tools PC Reddit
Sony announces PlayStation Vita price-drop in Japan Vita, Japan ???
Tuesday, February 19th
Pending PC Success, Brutal Legend Will Go On PC Reddit
Hotline Miami coming to PS3 and Vita this spring PS3, Vita Reddit
Gearbox lied to SEGA, 2K over Colonial Marines Development Dev Talk Reddit
Blizzcon 2013 Announced Blizzard r/SC - r/Diablo
Wednesday, February 20th
PS4 Game Trailers - Watch Dogs, The Witness and much more PS4 The Witness - Watch Dogs
Sony admits PS Vita sales are below expectations, discusses price drop Vita, Sales Reddit
Watchdogs confirmed for Wii U, PC, PS4 Wii U, PC, PS4 Reddit
PS4 Officially Announced - Review of the Sony Meeting PS4 Reddit
Nintendo confirms return to Gamescom 2013 Nintendo ???
Diablo 3 coming to PS4 and PS3 PS3, PS4 Reddit
PlayStation App' turns iPhone, iPad and Android into second screen for PS4 PS4 Reddit
PlayStation 4 Supports Free-To-Play, Episodic Gaming PS4 ???
Sony PlayStation 4 games can be played while they are downloading PS4 ???
Thursday, February 21st
Mojang, Wolfire and more come together for Humble Bundle Mojam 2 Indie Bundle Reddit
Legend of Grimrock II Announced PC Reddit
PS4 Hardware Specs PS4 Reddit
Gamewise is scraping information from Giantbomb without permission to build a competing service Interwebs Reddit
IGN Layoffs and Saying Goodbye to 1UP and GameSpy Layoffs Reddit
Game designer Kenji Eno, best known for his work on the D series, passes away at the age of 42 Deceased Reddit
PS4 Bundled With Headset, More DualShock 4 Details Revealed PS4 ???
PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection PS4 Reddit
PlayStation 4 boasts 149 third-party partners PS4 [???
PS4 'doesn't support' current-gen DualShock 3 controller, does support PS Move PS4 ???
PlayStation 4 won’t block used games PS4 Reddit
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt confirmed for PlayStation 4 in 2014 PS4 Reddit
Friday, February 22nd
Unity co-founder quits to make games Unity, Dev Reddit
Xbox 720 Announcement rumoured for April 720 ???
Sony promises indie-friendly PSN: 'We believe in smaller devs' PS4 ???
Saturday, February 23rd
Mew-Genics Revealed as "Cat Lady Sim" PC Reddit
PS4: physical releases to have digital option, possibility of game “packages” in the future PS4 Reddit

New Releases

Game Platform Release Date Reviews AVG/Metascore
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 360, PS3 02/19 Official Xbox Magazine UK - GameInformer - PlayStation Universe - Giant Bomb - Official PlayStation Magazine UK ★★★☆☆ (79)
Crysis 3 PC, 360, PS3 02/19 Official Xbox Magazine - GameInformer - GameSpot - Polygon - Official PlayStation Magazine UK ★★★★☆ (80)
Urban Trial Freestyle PS3, Vita 02/19 Destructoid - EuroGamer ★★☆☆☆ (60)
Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington - The Infamy PC, 360, PS3 02/19 EuroGamer - GameSpot - Official Xbox Magazine - Destructoid ★★★☆☆ (74)
Serious Sam Double D XXL 360 02/20 Official Xbox Magazine - EuroGamer - Destructoid ★★☆☆☆ (68)
The Bridge PC 02/22 Gaming Trend ★★★☆☆ (78)


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