Joyblind, an independent media outlet started in 2009, is championed by its four founding members: Uri Gorelik, Patrick Vice, Vsevolod "Seva" Vodonenko and Lucas Hudson. The group hosts Speaking of Games, a weekly podcast discussing gaming and gamer news. Joyblind also releases "This Week in Gaming" (TWIG), a weekly summary of game-related news articles. TWIG is proudly supported by the reddit community of /r/games.

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Hello, my name is Lucas and I’ve been working on Joyblind since the Summer of 2010. I am one of the main content editors for This Week in Gaming and the host of our weekly podcast Speaking of Games. StarCraft II introduced me to the concept of eSports in 2010 and ever since I’ve been hooked. ESports not only introduced me to the awesome community of Reddit but also ignited my passion for video editing, Photoshop and digital 3d modelling. I am a PC gamer at heart but I occasionally pick up a controller to pummel my friends in Super Smash Bros. or Need for Speed.


Howdy, my name is Uri and I am the lead developer for Joyblind.com. I like to tell people that I ran a Dawson's Creek hate-blog before the rise of mainstream blogging, but really, I just wanted to watch the show. When I'm not working on Joyblind, I'm working at a startup doing healthy things and REVOLUTIONIZING PERSONAL HEALTHCARE. Yeah, N.B.D. I buy a lot of games, and finish very few. Most of my gaming goes into League of Legends with the rest of the gang or the current game of the week.